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Do you participate in Quilting, Sewing or Craft Exchanges?

24 Jul

I hope so and here’s why with some helpful tips to make your experience the very best ever.

Christmas in July Pincushion Exchange 2022

I am busy, busy, busy over here at http://www.PrettyPennyPrecuts.Etsy,com but I still make time to indulge in a Pincushion Exchange just about every six weeks. Why you say, because exchanges are fun! For me an exchange is a mystery surprise waiting to be discovered. Exchanges have a deadline and tease my maker creativity to come up with a new design. Plus, it’s so much fun to meet other makers with similar interests online.

Things to ponder before committing to an exchange or exchange group. *Be sure to read all the group rules. *Checkout the longevity of the exchange group you are interested in, who makes the partner selections and are you required to exchange internationally (postage can be very pricey and slows receipt of goods considerably). *How do you communicate with your exchange partner, and how often. *Where and when do you post photos of the fabulous exchange you received. *can you include “extras”? If yes is there a suggested dollar value limit?

I’ve included the note I send my new exchange partner. This may seem overboard to some of you, but after witnessing the disappointment a dear friend had with an exchange, these guidelines have served me perfectly. PS my stitching friends and I made sure our friend received a surprise exchange!

Hi Partner, Sew glad to be your pincushion exchange partner for the ____ here on Facebook.

I love this group!
I love these swaps and thank you for participating.

Here is a copy of the note I send partners.
I prefer receiving a few additional guidelines from you…let me know where your comfort lies.
I love direction and prefer you guide my pincushion make with hints like let’s go with the moderator’s suggestion of _____? Or your preference for Season, Color, Style, State or Region, Collector’s category and etc. I am good either way. These Pincushion projects allow me to design something specific and sometimes they become a design I can dazzle and surprise my monthly stitching group with.

My personal style is realistic, and I tend to decorate seasonally or with a Sewing Theme. These days I do more hand work and am passionate about wool appliqué. I love to collect vintage and antique sewing notions, tools and especially pincushions.

Do we Add extras to the exchange package? Yes or No. This keeps the Swap equitable (Group Moderator suggests a $10 limit, but honestly that’s difficult to stick to).

I like to agree on an approximate mailing date so our packages pass each other and arrive around the same time. Our due date from _____ is On or before _____.

I look forward to hearing from you!
My best, _____ Be sure to include your Snail Mail address and double check it so you don’t miss out on a fun exchange experience!