Fantasy Florals Needle Roll Wool Appliqué Update

20 Jul

Sew blessed to retreat to the lake with three close Stitching BFFs. Sue A shared her fabulous finish of our Fantasy Florals Needle Roll. Sue selected the Scottish souvenir plaid wool for hers.

If you haven’t purchased my Fantasy Florals Needle Roll they are back in stock in my Etsy Shop. You can always add a message to me asking that I substitute the souvenir plaid “just like Sue’s.”

This is a great opportunity to talk about why I up cycle so many wools. Vintage wools allow more diversity in my designs, as often this is a wool or a plaid texture that we might not see again. Additionally, when compared to current or modern day milled wools these upcycled wools are of a more superior quality.

My terminology, for a souvenir wool, may not be an industry standard definition. What I am referring to, are beautiful skirt length yardage kits that one can buy or could buy while traveling in Europe. I have found unique skirt kits from England, Ireland, and Scotland. Often these were sold with matching thread, synthetic lining, a zipper, and a label.

Souvenir wools are certainly something to keep an eye out for while thrifting.

Fantasy Floras Needle Roll stitched by Sue A. Kit by Pretty Penny Precuts

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